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Contact Mr. David Doyle, Chief Geodesist at the National Geodetic Survey for an official copy of the suite of Fortran source code at:  Dave.Doyle at noaa.gov <mailto:Dave.Doyle at noaa.gov>   Note that the documentation is a bit sketchy since it was developed for internal use of the NGS scientific staff, and not as a "user-friendly package" for the general public.
However, I am pretty confident that they have not developed a tranlator from NTV2 to NADCON since the latter is the senior technique developed by LTCDR Warren Dewhurst for his dissertation at Ohio State University in the early 1980s.
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Hi all,

I need to produce NADCON grid from our NTV2 grid.

I have searched the web for NADCON grids specs and only found that a NADCON
grid is a bundle including the data AND the software that reads them ... I,
also, found that there are two files needed (one for longitudes, another one
for latitudes) and that longitudes/latitudes must be round even values ...
But, I am not sure of all of that.

On the other hand, PROJ.4 includes a reader for converting lla (ascii) to
binary ... and lla is mentioned in some web pages.

So, is there "real" specifications for NADCON Grids ? and could someone point
me to them ?

Didier RICHARD, chef du pôle technique Géoportail pour l'IGN
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