[Proj] ntf_r93.gsb file corrupted

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu Sep 24 14:51:12 EST 2009

Cuinet Jérôme wrote:
> Franck, thanks for these answers.
> Fortunalately there are regression tests, quickly regarding source code I 
> have not seen them !
> The "mandatory" term it isn't for maintenance. Updates concerns improvements 
> or corrections, no damaging ! Damages are on bêta corrections, on trunk 
> development tree. Release is an implicit declaration that the evolvement are 
> validated. Releases are not a "gamma version", and my system administrator 
> says me that update to the newest version is mandatory. I'm heretic if I 
> don't update my system.
> It is principles that I think correct.
> I know that no-regression detections are an hard task. But we can't damage a 
> software, we can also do improvements. Some users trust open source 
> developpers. If they can't, if an open source software is an always "gamma 
> software", a task is really never closed, we must say it !
> I realize that this mail seems to be a troll, but I only want how I can 
> trust in open source software, and especially in proj4 library.
> If that I think is wrong, so I will know that and I will not be able to 
> believe a software description :(


I strongly encourage you and others to ensure that PROJ.4 or other lightly
maintained packages are suitable for your purposes if you depend on them
in a mission critical fashion.  Frankly, the project is not adequately
resourced to ensure that all good software development practices are

Even better maintained packages (like GDAL for instance) still have lots
of dark corners that are buggy and not regression tested.

So, implicit or explicit claims of validation are always "relative".  Little
is really certain and you are wise to confirm things meet your needs.

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