[Proj] Problems with the Transformation of Coordinates for Cuba

Pablo Velazco Villares pvela at uci.cu
Wed Feb 10 13:38:11 EST 2010

Hello colleague,  
I am glad their prompt and well documented answer a lot.   
The key in the solution of the problem resided in the investment of the rotation signs, according to PROJ.4.  
Colleague you were right, with the investment signs, the transformation problem should be resolved, and otherwise, the test point was with errors.  
Because I explain to him, I made a copy and paste error (the classic error) when determining the coordinates in decimal grades, in the seconds, I change 3600 for 3660 and undoubtedly the copy and paste multiplied the error for four.  
The real values are:  
Coord in Local 		DD Coord in DD WGS84    
Lat 20.371163889 		20.371637480    
Long -76.641134000 		-76.640881435  
And then, magic, colleague the transformation is carried out correctly.  
Thank you and excuse the nuisances, I am pending of the list.  

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