[Proj] Standard projection for Mediterranean basin

Luigi Ponti lponti at infinito.it
Sat Feb 13 12:28:57 EST 2010


I use PROJ.4 via GRASS GIS, and I would like to know if anyone is aware 
of a standard projection for mapping the whole Mediterranean basin. I 
need to do raster-based statistics on the maps, so I guess what I am 
looking for is an equal area projection.

What I have found on the Web is a GIS built by the Joint Research Center 
(JRC http://www.jrc.ec.europa.eu/) that used Lambert Azimuthal Equal 
Area (LAEA) for the Mediterranean:

However, it adopted the same projection center for both Europe and the 
Mediterranean (0 °E and 48 °N). Is this correct?

There is also a workshop report

that recommended LAEA with projection center 9 °E and 53 °N to be used 
for statistical mapping in the European Union.

Based on this background it seems like LAEA would be fine. However, I am 
unsure if there is a standard projection center and datum.

Thank you for any hints. Kind regards,


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