[Proj] Standard projection for Mediterranean basin

Clifford J Mugnier cjmce at lsu.edu
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Keep the parameters and just use Authalic Latitude.
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On Sunday 14 February 2010 11:46:30 pm Clifford J Mugnier wrote:
> From 1925 to 1946, there was a "British Grid" used by the Allied Forces in
> the Mediterranean.  The British Army (GSGS) established the "Mediterranean
> Zone" for the secant Lambert Conical Orthomorphic Projection where the
> central meridian was 29° East of Greenwich, and the latitude of origin was
> 39° 30' N, the scale factor at origin was 0.99906, the False Easting was
> 900 km, and the False Northing was 600 km.
> See my column in PE&RS for December of 2002 on Greece.
> Clifford J. Mugnier, C.P., C.M.S.

I had the inference that the request was for an equal-area projection---a mode
that I consider preferable for thematic purposes.

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