[Proj] Thomas, Conformal projections in geodesy and cartography (1952)

Karney, Charles ckarney at Sarnoff.com
Tue Jan 12 09:21:44 EST 2010

A while back (Sept 2008), I was looking for a copy of

  P. D. Thomas,
  Conformal projections in geodesy and cartography,
  Publ. No. 251 (US Coast and Geodetic Survey, 1952).

and Janne Kovanen kindly sent me a scan of some sections of the report.
I've recently discovered that NOAA has published this report on its web
site.  See


This web site includes a full(?) set of scans of "Special Publications"
of the US Coast and Geodetic Survey.  See


There are lots of interesting reports included here.  Enjoy!

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