[Proj] quoting +nadgrids ?

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 30 18:02:17 EST 2010

Frank wrote:
> My understanding is that this thread is really about
> weaknesses in the DOS cmd.exe shell interpreter, right?

nope. (although it could be uglier there as AFAIK cmd.exe does
not like 'single quotes', only "double" ones, which limits your
ability to nest quotes a bit).

fwiw I'm running this in an MSys/MinGW bash shell in their rxvt
window. (native GRASS w/ Msys terminal) I haven't tried it from

> I think it would be counter productive to add escaping rules
> within the proj.4 definition parser just to make up for
> challenges in passing arguments with spaces under cmd.exe.

The challenge has evolved into getting gdalwarp to accept a
-t_srs +nadgrids term which has a space (or any special char)
in the path or file name of the grid file, on any OS. (it just
jumps out immediately on Windows because of 'C:\Program Files\')

the nuts and bolts and why we aren't using pj_set_finder() is
better explained in this post:



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