[Proj] quoting +nadgrids ?

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Sat Jul 31 09:06:00 EST 2010

Karney, Charles wrote:
>> From: Frank Warmerdam [warmerdam at pobox.com]
>> Sent: Saturday, July 31, 2010 09:22
>> Based on this, I'm starting to think that the PROJ.4
>> parameter parser just ought to have a special escape
>> sequence for embedding a space.  Ideally something not
>> likely to "activate" other escape sequence parsers.
>> Something like:
>> +nadgrids=C:\Program@@@space@@@Files\GRASS...
>> If you would like me to incorporate such a change, let me know
>> via a proj.4 ticket and I'll proceed.
> Here's a counter-proposal that might address the issues in a
> sufficiently general way:
>   gdalwarp -t_srs "@file.txt"
> with the understanding that an initial @ in an argument implies
> indirection.  file.txt is opened, and the real argument is the result of
> the first getline.


It does not solve the problem I noted with GDAL turning proj.4
definitions into WKT and then needing to reparse/split them from there.

I would add that GDAL aleady has a mechanism for reading arguments from
a file, the --optfile directive.

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