[Proj] How to change Layer's Native Projection

support.mn at elisanet.fi support.mn at elisanet.fi
Thu Aug 11 16:29:57 EST 2011


Commercial MNS can import shp files in any (EPSG) projection and export them
to any (EPSG) projection. If you want to do the programming your self you might
start your project from "shp2text"


which is very close all what is needed additional to Proj.4. Shp2text is based on


Shapelib author Frank Warmerdam knows more about that library I am sure ;)

And he might tell you how "easy" it is to be integrated with Java if that is what
you want? Most of proj.4 etc. is written in C.

Regards: Janne.


Mustafa646 [noorcs22 at gmail.com] kirjoitti: 
> I have a Layer (polygon shapefile) with native projection EPSG:3008. I want
> to change its native projection from EPSG:3008 to EPSG:4326. How i do this ?
> I don't want to change it using third party tool like ogr2ogr. I want to
> change it using Proj4 js library. How i do this ?

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