[Proj] Axis order for CRS created from EPSG code

Martin Desruisseaux martin.desruisseaux at geomatys.fr
Sun Aug 28 08:48:25 EST 2011

Hello all

Currently, building a Proj.4 PJ structure from a definition string like 
"+init=epsg:4326" produces a CRS with (/longitude/,/latitude/) axis order. Using 
the "+init=epsg:4326 +axis=neu" definition string produce the 
(/latitude/,/longitude/) axis order expected by EPSG. I would like to know what 
are the plan for the 4.8 release: do you plan to provide some way to build a CRS 
including the "+axis=neu" part from an EPSG code, or is it left to the user?

It is not a request for change, this is just for knowing if users (or 
geoapi-wrappers) shall handle the axis order parameter on their side or if 
Proj.4 plans to take care of that.



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