[Proj] English translation of Helmert, Geodesy, Vol. 1

Charles Karney charles.karney at sri.com
Tue Feb 1 15:47:23 EST 2011

I have obtained the ACIC translation of

  F. R. Helmert,
  Die Mathematischen und Physikalischen Theorieen der Hoeheren Geodaesie
  (Mathematical and Physical Theories of Higher Geodesy),
  Vol. 1 (Teubner, Leipzig, 1880)

and have posted a scan of it at


(The translation is a work of the US Government, so it's not covered by


* The table of contents and the cross-references in the text use the
  page numbers from the original book.  This pagination is indicated in
  the translation by the numbers above and below the horizontal lines in
  the text.

* The formulas have been cut and pasted (in the old-fashioned way!) from
  the book.  In some cases these are barely legible.  Go to the German
  text to disambiguate these; see

* This PDF has 949 pages.  However, the scan is perfectly legible when
  printed 2-up (2 pages per sheet).  This should work OK with A4 and US
  letter sizes.

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