[Proj] Geotrans, PCTrans and cs2cs - different angle signs?

Jan Hartmann j.l.h.hartmann at uva.nl
Tue Jan 18 02:59:39 EST 2011

Yes, the angles can be given either in "right-hand" (American) or 
"left-hand" (European) convention. See the thread on:


Mind that angles can be given either in (micro)degrees (PROJ) or radians 
(EPSG). You can find a discussion about the conversion from EPSG numbers 
to PROJ, with both sign and radians conversion in:


with an attached spreadsheet to perform the computation for the Dutch 
coordinate system (EPSG:28992)


On 01/18/11 06:24, Mikhail Tchernychev wrote:
> Hello List,
> It came to my attention that 7-parameters values should be different for
> cs2cs and
> programs like Geotrans  and PCTrans. It seems all 3 angles should have
> different
> sign to match cs2cs results. Shifts stay the same, as well as scaling
> (well, for
> geotrans it is not in ppm).  I wonder if it is something well known or
> am I missing
> something?
> Thank you,
> Mikhail
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