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Excellent.  Thanks, Irwin.  Bing translation does a remarkable job on those 
among these that need it (college German being many years behind me).  Not 
so well on the autobiography, just an image.  I'm particularly interested in 


... and the stitching of the polyhedron together.  Ought to be done in ECEF.


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An interesting historical link to Müffling and
Tranchot which has biographies of both men and
some details on their work which I have not seen elsewhere is:


A link to the work of Müffling and the early
Prussian map projection with a brief description of it's history is:


It's application in the Rhineland is:


Scans of the original maps can be found at the
GeoPortal of North-Rhine Westphalia:


under the topic Historische Karten-Tranchot 1801-1828

While searching, I also learned from the Polish
historical military mapping site:


that early Imperial Russian maps used the Müffling polyhedric projection:


Please post additional links related to the theme of Müffling's work.

Irwin Scollar

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