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Mon Jun 6 10:06:03 EST 2011

the setup code which includes the ENTRY0; I think that I am unable to check
in the ENTRY0 directive for the error conditions for inverse projections.
Is this correct?

So should I use the I_ERROR directive in this case?  If so, it doesn't seem
to allow for entering errno values (its defined as -20).  Can I create a new
directive similar to E_ERROR(err) but for I_ERROR?
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I would actually encourage you to actually explicitly call
the error code instead of using the opaque I_ERROR
or a similar macro.  For instance in PJ_tmerc.c I now do:

         * Fail if our longitude is more than 90 degrees from the
         * central meridian since the results are essentially garbage.
         * Is error -20 really an appropriate return value?
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        if( lp.lam &lt; -HALFPI || lp.lam &gt; HALFPI )
            xy.x = HUGE_VAL;
            xy.y = HUGE_VAL;
            pj_ctx_set_errno( P-&gt;ctx, -14 );
            return xy;

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