[Proj] How I solve Projection Problem ?

Jean-Claude Repetto jrepetto at free.fr
Thu Mar 3 06:15:33 EST 2011

Le 03/03/2011 11:58, Mustafa646 a écrit :
> I have some shapefiles with projection "SWEREF 99 1800 (EPSG:3011)". I tried
> to display these shapefiles over Google Map by changing projection from
> EPSG:3011 to EPSG:4326 by using command ogr2ogr. The conversion was
> successful. When i compare these shapefiles (original and converted) in
> MapWindow (GIS software for viewing and editing shapefiles). There was a
> difference in shape between the two. The converted file was streatches in
> width. thats why, it could not display over Google map. I could not
> understand, why this happen ?
> can anybody explain why this happen ?. OR can anybody suggest me another way
> to convert the projection ?

The projection of "Google Maps" is EPSG:3857 (Pseudo-Mercator), not 

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