[Proj] rHEALPix new parameters

Michael Speth spethm at landcareresearch.co.nz
Thu Oct 13 20:22:23 EST 2011

   I've implemented the HEALPix projection and have now moved on to 
implementing a new projection called rHEALPix.  I have two questions 
regarding this implementation.

* rHEALPix requires 2 new parameters (spole and npole).  How do I 
specify those parameters on the command line?  (In the code I am using 
the pr_param function.

* The rHEALPix projection uses the HEALPix projection.  So is it 
possible to create a header with corresponding c file that shares common 
functions between the HEALPix and rHEALPix projections?  If so, how 
should I name the files?


Michael Speth
Scientific Programmer
Landcare Research

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