[Proj] Is egm08_25.gtx misplaced half a pixel?

Noel Zinn (cc) ndzinn at comcast.net
Fri Oct 14 14:06:51 EST 2011


I can't address the registration issues with egm08_25.gtx that you raise, 
but egm08_25.gtx would have been derived from this file:


or its little endian equivalent.

I can confirm that the file I cite ranges from -90 to 90 in latitude (every 
2.5 minutes, for 4321 "rows") and 0 to 359+57.5/60 in longitude (every 2.5 
minutes, for 8640 "columns").

For what it's worth.


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I have tried to use the geoid height file


which is discussed here:


But I am beginning to think that the file is misaligned
(well, at least if ones uses GDAL 1.8 or later to read it).

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