[Proj] [patch] add missing projects.h

Judd Taylor judd.t at orbitalsystems.com
Mon Apr 9 10:03:41 EST 2012

I'd like to add some information about the problem we're seeing with the missing projects.h file.

The code in question is a PDL (perl data language) binding to the Proj library written back in 2002 or 2003. This code uses projects.h to get the enumeration of the projections and their parameter for use in a code generator that writes the actual bindings and docs used for the interface.

As far as I know, this is not available through proj_api.h. I've not worked directly with Proj since the way back on version 4.4.7, when the above solution using projects.h was suggested on this list. Can anyone here confirm whether this functionality is present in the proj_api.h that ships with 4.8.0?

I'm specifically looking for the function pj_get_list_ref(), which is defined in projects.h.


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Hi Frank,

I agree that 11 years of deprecation are more than enough, but
deprecation usually means that the functionality is available elsewhere.
 From projects.h, e.g. pj_factors, is still not available through proj_api.h

What should I do with those functions which don't have an equivalent in


On 2012-03-27 02:29, Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> Right, for several versions proj_api.h has been preferred to use
> of projects.h.
> The proj_api.h has existed for several versions; however, if you go
> back far enough there would be problems.  Checking back I see it
> was introduced 11 years ago.  I'm not exactly sure what version that
> would be but surely it is long enough for the deprecation of projects.h
> to finally result in it being removed from public installs.
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