[Proj] Proj Release

Roger Bivand Roger.bivand at nhh.no
Wed Feb 22 12:07:37 EST 2012

Frank Warmerdam <warmerdam <at> pobox.com> writes:

> On 12-02-22 07:18 AM, Roger Bivand wrote:
> >
> > I suggest that this needs an RFC, and should be held off until some 
> > 4.9.0, if the RFC process concludes that switching from +datum= 
> > is on balance justified.
> I am convinced.  I will modify the OGRSpatialReference::exportToProj4()
> code to restore the old behavior and regenerate the EPSG init file for
> PROJ.4.  I'll notify the list when it is ready.  I have been quite slack
> about the RFC process for PROJ.4.

Thanks for your quick response. This will give us all the time we need to find
better solutions!

Best wishes,


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