[Proj] PROJ 4.8.0 Release Candidate 1

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Thu Mar 8 11:41:33 EST 2012

[will reply about the grid file issue later; I need to look in README to
see if the requirement to use a particular one is clearly stated.   If
you could post a .tar.gz of the proper version that would be helpful.]

  >  nad2nad is no more
  >  nad_list.h and projects.h is withdrawn

  nad2nad is no more. I see nad_list.h still exists - I'm not too clear
  on what it is/was for, and I don't believe it should be installed or used.
  If you file a ticket I'll try to cleanup nad_list.h.

  projects.h continues to exist, but we are avoiding installing it.  It
  is treated as a private interface now.

  > Neither are listed in NEWS.

  Ahem, yes, the removal of nad2nad should have been noted.
  Also the step to not treat projects.h as a public include file.

Sounds good - I gather that postgis has run into this.

  > Also, the addition of proj.pc probably merits inclusion in NEWS.

  Well, perhaps we can agree to disagree on how important the addition
  of proj.pc is.  I do try to keep NEWS to major items. ChangeLog is for
  all the details.  (IMHO)

Your call, of course.  I see NEWS as user-visible changes.  Part of the
issue is that proj is both a library and a user program, and from the
library view this is somewhat important.  On the other hand, what really
matters is that when it becomes reasonable for depending programs to say
"this only works with proj >= 4.8.0" then they can switch to only using
pkg-config to find it.  Which means that the addition is not
particularly noteworthy or urgent.
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