[Proj] Dear Professor Rosenmund and Brigadier Hotine :-)

molnar at sas.elte.hu molnar at sas.elte.hu
Mon Mar 26 06:49:29 EST 2012

Dear list members,
I am looking for digital version of these publications:

Max Rosenmund: Die Aenderung des Projektionssystems der schweizerischen
Landesvermessung (Projektionssystem der schweizerischen Landesvermessung).
Verlag der Abteilung für Landestopographie, Bern, 1903.

Hotine Martin: The Orthomorphic Projection of the Spheroid. Empire Survey
Review, Vol. 8 and 9, Nr. 62-66, 1946-47.

If anybody has a scanned copy of these publications I kindly ask him or
her to reply on this email on mailing list to avoid multiple unnecessary
effort and ask him or her to send it to me in a private email.

Thanks in advance,
Gabor Molnar

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