[Proj] triaxial ellipsoid

Aleksander Yanovskiy Yanouski at yandex.by
Fri Oct 19 14:37:43 EST 2012

Probably my description was unclear (or wrong?). I just want to add to Y[2,2]  geoid approximation (triaxial ellipsoid) one extra term (3,0) so that the result would be triaxial + pear shaped Earth figure (and then to calculate it's principal axes orientation).

19.10.2012, 22:29, "Charles Karney" <charles.karney at sri.com>:
> I'm not sure why Y[3,2] comes into the triaxial axes.  This is
> determined by the Y[2,2] component.  Perhaps you're saying that
> the phases of these terms happen to agree?  But that is then a
> question of looking at the data.
> On 2012-10-19 15:15, Aleksander Yanovskiy wrote:
>>  Thank you Charles for the suggestions, could you please say whether I'm right stating that "there is no difference in longitude of principal axes orientation between the triaxial Earth ellipsoid and the (3,2) (third degree second order zonal harmonics) Earth figure (triaxial + pear shaped) ?"
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