[Proj] Proj4 Projection Coordinates for Geostationary satellite data

Kathryn Jablonski - NOAA Affiliate kathryn.jablonski at noaa.gov
Mon Aug 12 09:43:56 EST 2013

I am trying to convert geographic coordinates (in degrees east/north lat
lon) to projected coordinates in meters for geostationary full disc data
(GVAR Goes East data from CLASS).  To do this, I tried using PyProj/ Proj4
and am running into errors due to the off earth pixels in the corners.

This is the proj4 string given:
 projection_coords = Proj("+proj=geos +h=35774290 +a= 6378137 +b= 6378137
+lon_0=-75 +units=meters +no_defs")
ll_x, ll_y = projection_coords_geos( LL_y_deg, LL_x_deg, inverse = False,
    'x=%9.3f y=%11.3f' % (ll_x,ll_y)
    ur_x,ur_y = projection_coords_geos( UR_y_deg, UR_x_deg, inverse =
False, errcheck=True)
 'x=%9.3f y=%11.3f' % (ur_x,ur_y)

For full disc geos data I am receiving incorrect (1e30) values for the
extents and was wondering if anyone has ever run into the same error or
have a suggestion to correct this.

Also, for remapping GOES data, should the 'sweep axis' be including in the
Proj string and set to 'y'?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
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