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Martin Kofahl martin.kofahl at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 15:47:54 EST 2013

Hello Martin,

thanks for pointing me to the geoapi project. At MapServer we have a
similar built-in list, which isn't realy nice to maintain. Replacing it by
the list from geoapi is an alternative. But I know people occasionally add
own codes to the proj epsg file, which will result in troubles if
north-east exis order is required.

Are there chances to generally add the axis order parameter in the proj
epsg file? Independent of how proj itself evalutates the parameter, there's
a single configuration file for the crs' and other software can rely on it
without mixing diffenernt configurations.


2013/2/1 Martin Desruisseaux <martin.desruisseaux at geomatys.fr>

>  Le 01/02/13 10:09, Martin Kofahl a écrit :
>  I am happy to see an axis order parameter in the proj lib. In the
> shipped epsg file there are already a few axis order settings, but a few
> hundreds are missing. As this also effects commonly used codes such as 4326
> (which has, by crs definition, northing/easting order) it's worthwhile
> to revise the epsg file regarding the axis order parameter.
>  Are there already plans to do so? Or should this be complement by
> individual tickets?
> Hello Martin
> I don't know if Proj.4 provides axis order information directly. However
> this information is provided in the GeoAPI wrappers for Proj.4. Since those
> wrappers are in public domain, they could be copied in any project under
> any license of your choice. The file is there:
> http://svn.code.sf.net/p/geoapi/code/trunk/geoapi-proj4/src/main/resources/org/opengis/wrapper/proj4/axis-orientations.txt
> For example the line "ne:" lists the EPSG codes of all geographic CRS
> using the "North, East" axis order. The line "sw,ne" lists the EPSG codes
> of all projected CRS using the "South,West" axis order and based on a
> geographic CRS using the "North,East" axis order.
> Note that this directory provides also other information that may be
> useful, like a mapping from Proj.4 projection names to EPSG and OGC
> projection names.
>     Martin
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