[Proj] Relationship between proj4 and spatialreference.org

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Wed Jan 2 05:40:00 EST 2013

Howard Butler [hobu.inc at gmail.com] kirjoitti: 
> On Dec 31, 2012, at 7:13 AM, Jan Hartmann <j.l.h.hartmann at uva.nl> wrote:
> > Can anyone tell me how the references at spatialreference.org are related to the proj-strings of the official proj library? Nowadays proj includes lots of WGS-84 shifts, and at least one of them (28992, Dutch RD) is not propagated to spatialreference.org.
> The relationship to spatialreference.org is one of being simply out-of-date. sr.org has not been updated in quite a while, and it needs a champion to come along and bring things forward.  sr.org gets its definitions from proj.4/GDAL as well as GeoTools. These have not been refreshed in at least a couple of years -- time for more than one EPSG database drop and the inclusion of datum shifting description in proj.4.

The better side of this is that once up to date these local coordinate systems do not change very much.


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