[Proj] Add simple transformations to proj

Andre Joost andre+joost at nurfuerspam.de
Wed Jan 2 13:02:46 EST 2013

Am 02.01.2013 18:03, schrieb Jan Hartmann:

> However, I can compute wgs84 latlon values for every point on the
> historical map, by first converting the point to epsg:28992 and then to
> epsg:4326 (wgs84). Do you know of any software that can compute the
> towgs84 parameters based on a set of input coordinates and the
> corresponding wgs84 coordinates?

Well, I am an enginneer and not a scientist, so I prefer the trial by 

Assuming you understand German, here are some hints:

There is also a commercial software, but I would not recommend to pay 
for such things.

André Joost

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