[Proj] coordinates in decimal degrees and Albers Equal Conic projection

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well, it is not said what is the datum?

But it looks like the coordinates are for a large map and that they are only
given with 2 decimal places .. so that they are not very accurate and that
the map is so large that it has no meaning what datum you use .. since
datum shifts are in the range few hundred meters and maximum maybe
1 km.

So I would assume that they are in WGS84 datum (or what ever datum)
and  do some tests since it looks that the coordinates are not very

So the answer is: "Try first with no datum conversions"

Regards: Janne.


Swagath Navin [swagathnavin82 at gmail.com] kirjoitti: 
> Dear all,
> Sorry for being naive, i am completely new to map projections. I have a 
> data set with coordinates in decimal degrees (-14.36, 53.23) with the 
> following information:
> "The coordinates are designed to be used at the scale of the European 
> continent (Albers Equal Area Conic projection, with the following 
> projection settings: Scale = 1; False Easting(m) = 5000000; False 
> Northing(m) = 0; Longitude Origin = 20; Latitude Origin = 0; Standard 
> Parallel 1 = 45; Standard Parallel 2 = 55, and the Ellipsoid is WGS 84)"
> i would like to know if the coordinates are already in WGS84 or is there 
> any conversion required.
> Thanks a lot for your time and help.
> Navin
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