[Proj] Have LCC center terms, need PROJ.4 terms

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Mon Feb 10 18:14:13 EST 2014


after looking the picture you supplied it seems like
there is a rotation and scaling needed or also using
a different center setup for the projection might fix
that rotation:

1) try some other center lon or lat candidates

2) apply some rotation and scaling either using
a 7 parameter datum shift or

3) rotate and scale the resulting projection

It is most likely that any of those 3 corrections
will fix it but if the problem is due to wrong parameters
then number 1 would be the most desirable

Regards: Janne.


Hamish [hamish_b at yahoo.com] kirjoitti: 
> Hamish wrote:
> > This trial and error gets me to within about 5% (see attatched), but
> > I'd really like to do the job properly and calculate the exact terms.
> sorry, the attachment seems to have been stripped off by the ML. here 'tis: 
>  http://muck.otago.ac.nz/~hamish/sbss/lcc_grid_mismatch.png
> Hamish

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