[Proj] Confused by git branch management

Howard Butler howard at hobu.co
Thu Aug 27 09:05:10 EST 2015

> On Aug 25, 2015, at 10:46 AM, Even Rouault <even.rouault at spatialys.com> wrote:
> I'm wondering if it wouldn't be appropriate to :
> 1) kill this branch/4.9
> 2) copy tag/4.9.1 as branch/4.9 (or from the master commit that corresponds)
> 3) and reapply on top of the relevant commits
> I guess this would translate to 
> 1) git push origin :4.9
> 2) git checkout tag/4.9.1
>    git branch -b 4.9
>    git push origin 4.9
> 3) git cherry-pick ...
> But my git abilities are limited, so advice would be welcome, in case we agree 
> this is the right strategy.

As are my git skills, but this management approach makes sense. I wasn't quite sure what to do when working on the 4.9.1 release, and there isn't so much project structure to ask for guidance on. master is essentially what will become 4.9.2, and I don't know that proj.4 has ever had stable/develop branching before.

If someone really really needs a pointer to old code, they have lots of ways to get it. I don't think we have to be too concerned with moving things around to make it easier to maintain and develop proj.4.


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