[Proj] Is it possible to store a WGS84 / Pseudo Mercator image as a GeoTIFF?

Charles Karney charles.karney at sri.com
Sun Feb 8 12:58:10 EST 2015

On 02/08/2015 08:35 AM, Noel Zinn (cc) wrote:
> Andre,
> "Adopted" connotes acceptance.  Perhaps "tolerated" is closer to the truth.
> Mikael,
> If you're not aware of "Implications of Web Mercator and Its Use in Online
> Mapping", by Battersby, Finn, Usery and Yamamoto (Cartographica 2014),
> here's a link:
> http://www.researchgate.net/publication/265895464_Implications_of_Web_Mercator_and_Its_Use_in_Online_Mapping

I've given up on ResearchGate.  Here's the PDF version of the paper
courtesy of the USGS::


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