[Proj] Pixel Shifts When Warping

Yuta Sato yutaxsato at gmail.com
Sat May 16 23:44:23 EST 2015

Dear GDAL and Proj Developers and Users:

I am really frustrated when the MODIS HDF file converted into GeoTiff with
GCS projection never match with the same MODIS file  converted from MODIS
Reprojection tool.

The file I am working is here:


I used the following parameters for gdalwarp:

-t_srs wgs84 -tr 0.004166666666667 0.004166666666667

I used the following parameters for MRT:

OUTPUT_PIXEL_SIZE = 0.004166666666667

The image produced from MRT has:
size = 6025*2400
ulx, uly = 92.3799071,  40.0000000

The image produced from gdalwarp has:
size = 6027*2400
area based
ulx, uly = 92.3760431,  40.0000000

Do you have any idea on which is more precise: gdalwarp or MRT? Or there is
any way in gdalwarp to get the same image as MRT gives?

Any idea and experience is highly appreciated. Thank you very much in the

Sincerely yours,
yuta sato
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