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Thank you for this and your initial posting. I found them very enlightening.

Mike Finn

On Thu, Nov 12, 2015 at 8:40 AM, Thomas Knudsen <knudsen.thomas at gmail.com>

> After my recent post about Knud Poder, I was contacted by geodesy
> professor Martin Vermeer, of Aalto University, Finland, who used to
> collaborate with Knud Poder. He asked med to post this follow up to
> the proj mailing list. So I hereby hand over the microphone to Martin:
> Yes, I recently corresponded with Poder and yes, he actively follows
> the field.
> Back in 1988-1992 when I was in Denmark at the National Survey &
> Cadastre -- and before that, the Geodætisk Institut in Ordrup, in a
> beautiful country estate --, we saw a lot of each other. He was always
> ready to help and explain about the GIER computers and the BOSS
> operating system. I remember entering his room, negotiating my way
> through the tangible pipe tobacco smoke filling the room, to find him
> sitting at his glass teletype terminal, writing code. A Unix nerd, he
> too. A thick aluminum ash tray by his side, which had seen all the
> mountain tops of Greenland :-)
> Dr Poder was made an honorary doctor at Copenhagen University,
> proposed IIRC by Carl Christian Tscherning, who died a year ago. That
> was early 1990s.
> Knud's life hasn't always been easy: a few years later his son Niels
> suffered an internal organ failure and was left brain damaged as a
> result. That was tough.
> / Martin Vermeer
> former employee and colleague at what is now the Danish Geodata Agency
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