[Proj] Having a CRS added in the common libraries

Stéphane Henriod s at henriod.info
Mon Nov 23 06:40:15 EST 2015

Dear all

I am new to both lists (proj and metacrs) so my apologies for
cross-posting, I am not quite sure where my question belongs.

I am working in the beautiful country of Kyrgyzstan, which happens to have
developed a new national geodetic framework. One of the outputs is a
coordinate system (Kyrg06), divided in 5 zones.

As far as I know, this coordinate system is not yet available in any common
library / software and is neither in the EPSG list.

Is there any standard process to get a sort of international recognition?
This system has been approved by the government and thus has a legal
validity in this country. But it will always be difficult to convince
people to use it as long as it's not readily available in the common
software (and thus in the underlying libraries). As a result, many GIS
users end up working with UTM or other not-so-optimal.

Thanks a lot in advance for your hints and advice on this matter




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