[Proj] Missing proj_def.dat in 4.9.1 release

Roger Bivand Roger.Bivand at nhh.no
Tue Sep 8 05:26:04 EST 2015

Kristian Thy <thy <at> 42.dk> writes:

> On Tue, Sep 08, Roger Bivand wrote:
> > Howard Butler <howard <at> hobu.co> writes:
> > > I will issue a 4.9.2-RC1 tarball this afternoon.
> > 
> > Good, please provide a complete timeline (explaining delays), and report on
> > this list (or elsewhere, provided we know where) wrt. slippage. We are now
> > well past "this afternoon", for September 7, right? 
> I didn't realise Howard was an employee of the PROJ.4 project. Who's the
> boss?

Thanks for raising the main question of process management. The 4.9.2
release was indicated 20 May by Howard, but nothing happened, for reasons
unknown. I provided a work-around in rgdal for R that seemed to work, and
made sure the CRAN binaries for OSX and Windows (built static and shipped
with proj/) included the missing file. As the number of Debian/Fedora users
and others with 4.9.1 has increased, it has become obvious that the
work-around was insufficient (I was notified on Friday, and the patched
rgdal was on the R archive network on Sunday fixing two inadequacies). I've
tried to handle it using pj_set_searchpath(), but haven't been able to do
so. Consequently, I need to know the structure and timeline of the release
process to communicate this further to others, so that relying on an
unsatisfactory work-around is made unnecessary.

If someone says:

"I will issue a 4.9.2-RC1 tarball this afternoon"

I tend to think that they mean what they say, so arguably should follow up
to let those interested know the current status. If there are good reasons
for the delay, well and good, whatever they may be. But let us know ... the
RC needs checking broadly, so keeping things moving forward is vital (think


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