[Proj] API extension request: fwd3d and inv3d

Agram, Piyush S (334D) Piyush.Agram at jpl.nasa.gov
Fri Sep 18 13:16:01 EST 2015

Hi everyone,
     I'm trying to include support for a custom coordinate system (SCH – Spherical Cross-track Height) used in radar image processing. The coordinate transform from (SCH) to geodetic / geocentric coordinates is hard to accomplish easily using the current mechanisms available in proj.4 . I would suggest extending the API to include fwd3d and inv3d functions. Presence of these functions can be checked for in pj_transform and in their absence one can seamlessly fall back on the exist fwd / inv functions. Introduction of these new functions will not affect the widely used API and will help make a case for using PROJ.4 / GDAL in public domain radar imaging software.

I have a proof of concept working on a github fork :

Any recommendations / suggestions are welcome.

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