[Proj] [MetaCRS] Motion: Promote Proj.4 4.9.3RC3 to Final Release

Thomas Knudsen knudsen.thomas at gmail.com
Wed Aug 31 18:22:38 EST 2016

Since I have not had any time left for testing, I will refrain from voting
(+0). This should not be considered as an indication of distrust - I am
fully confident that the testing carried out so far is as good as it gets
... so feel free to consider this as any fractional or integral value
between (and including) +0 and +1.


Den 1. sep. 2016 00.24 skrev "Howard Butler" <howard at hobu.co>:

I motion to promote 4.9.3RC3 to final release.

The 4.9.3 release is mostly a bug fix release with a refresh of the EPSG
database, and it corresponds to nearly a year of pull requests and patches.
Periodic releases are critical to the long term health of projects such as
Proj.4. Proj.4 is currently on an "annual" release cycle, usually
corresponding on or near the FOSS4G conference, and we look to keep with
that pace unless some critical issue is identified.

I'll start with +1.


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