[Proj] Difference in Orthographic projection between Proj4 and Global Mapper

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Which then begs the question, why not use the Authalic Latitude function for your spherical equal area projection …

That’s what Pearson tried to do when proposed the idea for the old Bonne projection applications in reproducing 19th century graticules.
Not mathematically equivalent, but that’s what he proposed.


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The radius of 6370997 is the integer part of the authalic radius of the Clarke 1866 ellipsoid.
The calculated value would be around 6370997.24063266 m.


Oscar van Vlijmen

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Hi Huw,

Given ellipsoidal parameters there are many spherical radii from which to choose.  Wikipedia gives a good summary:


But where does GCTP’s 6370997 come from?  It’s close to some radii for WGS84, but no cigar.  Is it just a convention?  Anyone know?

Of course, if you’re mapping on a sphere “closeness” shouldn’t really matter very much.  Consistency should matter more, and, in that sense, a conventional radius would be useful.


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