[Proj] Running the cities example in the pdf documents gives different results

Dean Schulze dschulze at wirelessseismic.com
Mon May 9 17:41:10 EST 2016

I ran the cities example using the inputs on pg. 4 of the docs at ftp://ftp.remotesensing.org/proj/OF90-284.pdf, but I got different results than shown.  Here are the results I got:

$ proj +proj=poly -r cities.lat.lon.txt 
# coordinates for a few cities
-4887445.45	7318110.56 Boston, United States
-5542376.59	6982834.25 New York, United States
171219.46	5415571.82 Paris, France
485343.33	5730932.66’w London, England

The document linked above shows this:

$ proj +proj=poly -r cities
# coordinates for a few cities
-4887590.49 7317961.48 Boston, United States
-5542524.55 6982689.05 New York, United States
171224.94 5415352.81 Paris, France
-8101.66 5707500.23 London, England

Am I doing something wrong, or did something change from when the document was written?


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