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Matteo Pasquini mpasquini at navionics.com
Thu May 19 15:43:18 EST 2016


Ok, here we are.

Not trying to not bother you with fifty lines of questions anymore...

I'm a Gis tech, not a software developer.

I have a lot to give back to Open Source community and for this I'm studying, trying, making errors, rethinking myself to participate and maybe help.

I'm interested to help on postgis .. well, next step.

Now we have a very uncommon, out of standards, private and not shareable (for now) projections function and ... obviously a lot of problems...

Now, in the hope the company will change idea and start to share that function,

I've resolved adding a function to the proj.4 and successfully building it.

The problem is how distribute this on postgis and qgis in the first place.

For what I've understood about postgis I have to get all it's dependencies, (Gdal, Geos ... )
build them one by one while linking my proj.4 version, for all architectures needed ...

It is right ?  There is a simpler way to do that?  or simply I cannot ask this ?

Can you point me in the right direction ?


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