[Proj] convert from Equidistant Cylindrical to Eckert I

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Hello Leslie.

Your procedure will work. The results will be heavily aliased, which will look like speckling. Some values of (x₁, y₁) will be empty unless the destination map is considerably smaller than the source image.

— daan Strebe




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Dear all,

I'm new to this tool, and hope to get some advise here.

I'm thinking to use your tool to convert a map picture which is based on Equidistant Cylindrical, to another picture based on Eckert I. Since both of them are 2 dimension only (x,y), what I'm gonna to do is:
 - Use proj command to calculate the new mapped coordinate (x1, y1)
 - Set new pixel value at (x1, y1) using original pixel value (x,y)
 - loop for all pixel at original Equidistant Cylindrical picture

So can you please help me confirm if one idea can work or not? If yes, what should command line look like? Thanks.

Best Regards
Leslie Qi Wang

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