[Proj] Grid shift files.

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Wed Nov 2 07:08:53 EST 2016

On Wed, Nov 2, 2016 at 11:31 AM, Roger Oberholtzer <
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> I wonder why I don't get the NTv2 debug statements.

I cannot seem to get it to open rdtrans2008.gsb. There is no +wgs84
anywhere. It only does the Vertical Grid Shift. rdtrans2008.gsb is in the
same place as naptrans2008.gtx

I'm curious why +nadgrids=rdtrans2008.gsb is also listed in the From
section. Is that just letting me know it would be used in an inverse

% PROJ_DEBUG=3 cs2cs -v -r  +to +init=rdnap:rdnap

pj_open_lib(rdnap): call fopen(/opt/rsoft/lib/proj/rdnap) - succeeded

pj_open_lib(proj_def.dat): call fopen(/opt/rsoft/lib/proj/proj_def.dat) -

# ---- From Coordinate System ----
#Lat/long (Geodetic alias)
# +proj=latlong +ellps=bessel +nadgrids=rdtrans2008.gsb
# ---- To Coordinate System ----
#Oblique Stereographic Alternative
#       Azimuthal, Sph&Ell
# +init=rdnap:rdnap +proj=sterea +lat_0=52.15616055555555
# +lon_0=5.38763888888889 +k=0.9999079 +x_0=155000 +y_0=463000 +ellps=bessel
# +nadgrids=rdtrans2008.gsb +geoidgrids=naptrans2008.gtx +units=m +no_defs
50.792584908 5.773795547 174.9478
pj_open_lib(naptrans2008.gtx): call
fopen(/opt/rsoft/lib/proj/naptrans2008.gtx) - succeeded

GTX 311x641: LL=(2.5,50.5) UR=(7.66666667,55.8333333)
pj_open_lib(naptrans2008.gtx): call
fopen(/opt/rsoft/lib/proj/naptrans2008.gtx) - succeeded

pj_apply_gridshift(): used GTX Vertical Grid Shift File
182225.91       311388.16 129.00

Roger Oberholtzer
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