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>Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2016 09:50:19 +0000
>From: Nicholas Duggan <dragons8mycat at live.co.uk>
>Subject: [Proj] OSTN15
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>I've updated the "transformations" table within the srs.db which ships with proj4 for QGIS (Mapserver, Grass et al) so that it now correctly uses OSTN15 (EPSG 7709).
>This has been tested, I even showed it working to Ordnance Survey on the 24th Sept.
>My question is, how do I move this forward so that it is implemented within the Proj4 in the future?
>I can provide links to the updated srs.db and the OSTN15 gsb file if necessary.
>Nicholas Duggan FRGS Cgeog(GIS) MRi

I'm just double-checking. Is it the original, published NTv2 file, OSTN15_NTv2.gsb? Because the original one gives offsets from ETRS89 to OSGB36. That's opposite what EPSG::7709 says which has the source as OSGB36 and the target as ETRS89. I believe OS plans to publish 2 NTv2 files, one in each 'direction.' EPSG is waiting for OS before they decide on whether the current coordinate operations need to be modified or replaced.

One reason for publishing both is for software that assumes all transformations are from the local/older GeoCRS to the more general/newer GeoCRS.

So, you might want to hold off for a little while to see what happens.


(Esri employee and IOGP (EPSG) geodesy subcommittee member)

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