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Mon Jul 3 10:05:47 EST 2017

Hello Kristian, 

I strongly suggest you make your own "Proj.4.Whatever" and DO what ever
there, but leave the Proj.4 alone. Proj.4 is a mature project and it
does NOT need changes or lot of updates since it works very well in many
applications and the library is small in size. 

Proj4 is more a mathematical definition for those transformations AND
those are constant by their nature .. NO updates wanted all the time!
UPDATE YOUR application which uses Proj.4 more often .. there is lot of
work to be done I am sure. Leave the library alone! 

All your updates are cosmetic and that is something that changes all the
time. If you like to do cosmetic rewrites then just target those to your
self! We are not interested! We want to keep the library constant and
bug free! 

Those "improvements" you are talking about are unnecessary and just add
huge amounts of rewriting work for people that use the library for some
application. Your rewriting work does not do anything meaningful! You
just want to be cocky and play games with serious software writers
instead of your self doing anything meaningful. The worst kind of person
to have in a team! 

First of all, rule number 1! Interfaces must be kept constant! One just
adds, but never changes or removes (since somebody is using that
already)! That is the reason you usually NEVER touch the headers since
those are the point that should be kept constant .. you touch everything
else first. Now you are doing the contrary. 

Your writing is a clear indication that you are just a terrorist that
wants to destroy the Proj.4 intellectual foundation and ruin everything
built on it! 


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