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Kristian Evers kreve at sdfe.dk
Fri Nov 17 04:29:23 EST 2017


Regarding the version number see https://github.com/OSGeo/proj.4/pull/673. Is that satisfactory?

Thanks for you inputs on the documentation. Obviously it is still very much under construction, so you won’t find an answer to all your questions just yet. It is better than ever though, so that’s a start. Unfortunately no one but me has shown an interest in getting the documentation in place so far. That is mostly because the API still changes rapidly and documentation efforts can easily be wasted. I have already burned my fingers on that a few times. The migration guide is not meant to be a stand-alone document. You will have to go through the regular development guide to find more information. See https://kbevers.github.io/development/index.html. As you can see I have planned on making a section on error handling. Just haven’t gotten round to it yet. There is also a bunch of general transformation setup info in the “Using PROJ.4” section. That stuff wil be not covered in the development guide.

I am not very familiar with ob_tran myself, so if you could provide me with an example I can better answer your question.

The API reference https://kbevers.github.io/development/reference/index.html is currently the most updated part of the documentation. There are examples for many of the functions.

Any input and help with the documentation is very appreciated. Create GitHub issues if there is something you think is missing or submit a pull request with new sections on your favourite topic. Otherwise it will be a very slow process of getting the documentation in a proper state.


On 17 Nov 2017, at 09:32, Roger Bivand <Roger.Bivand at nhh.no<mailto:Roger.Bivand at nhh.no>> wrote:

Hi Kristian,

OK, thanks, this is a start.

Please consider adding an example with +proj=ob_tran - will it still require
the swapping of from and to projection definitions?

A further example showing how to catch errors when a projection definition
has no inverse (error handling when proj is running inside other software).

The basic guide should help for most of the standard cases, but the
transition will be easiest if the oddities are covered authoritatively
(otherwise we'll end up with lots of different work-arounds).

Best wishes,


PS. Please (very nicely) increment the version in the git repo master/trunk.
Until that is done, we're stuck as far as implementation of migration steps,
because conditioning on proj version is not possible.

Roger Bivand
NHH Norwegian School of Economics, Bergen, Norway
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