[Proj] Need a projection like Azimuthal Equidistant (AEQD), but with polar coordinates. Do you have one?

Felix Neko felix-neko at list.ru
Fri Sep 22 13:33:53 EST 2017

I have a geotiff in a simple *latlon* projection. I want to reproject its
data on a plane tangential to Earth ellipsoid to make some further

Just now I'm using *aeqd* projection for it, but I'm looking for some
similar projection that would give me not cartesian, but *polar*

To reproject my geotiff raster I'm using *rasterio.reproject(...)* to
convert my geotiff data (it's a good analog of *cs2cs* utility from

*lat_center* and *lon_center* were the center of my geotiff.

*aeqd* projection gives me some raster in cartesian grid (*x_j* and *y_i* on
the tangential plane):


But for my purposes it needs some extra interpolation to get the values in
my polar mesh (by distance and azimuth on the tangent plane). Can you advice
me some other projection?

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