[Proj] Few danish PROJ definitions are missing

Evan Haahr Hansen, LIFA A/S eha at LIFA.DK
Fri Aug 10 01:21:52 EST 2018

Hi all
We are about to implement the PROJ libraries in our applications but it seems that a few Danish PROJ definitions are missing:
DNN  - We know that code says that it is "historical" but when you work with old maps you still need it
System City Ring - near Copenhagen
FK89 (EPSG code 3173) - for the Faroe Islands

I also think that there is a small error in the PROJ definition for UTM29N_FVR09. In the last part of the definition there is a reference to FO:UTM32N. Shouldn't it be FO:UTM29N (which is defined in the line above) ?

Med venlig hilsen
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