[Proj] geodesic calculations on v5

Charles Karney charles at karney.com
Fri Feb 9 03:57:37 EST 2018

The new write-up on the geodesic calculations is available at


This just gives a general discussion of the geodesic problem.
Detailed documentation of the API is at


proj 5.0 introduces no changes to this API on in the performance
of the geodesic code.


On 02/09/2018 02:15 AM, Idan Miara wrote:
> Hi,
> I read that there was a complete rewrite of the documentation section on 
> geodesic calculations.
> Were all the changes in v5 regarding coordinate transformations?
> Or was there any change in API or in performance of geodesic 
> calculations in v5?
> Regards,
> Idan

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