[Proj] PROJ 5.0.0RC4

Sebastiaan Couwenberg sebastic at xs4all.nl
Wed Feb 21 14:13:18 EST 2018

On 02/21/2018 07:59 PM, Kristian Evers wrote:
> I’ve got that covered.

I figured as much, but it was worth noting for the record.

> I have never used CPack before. Can you give a rough guide on how to produce the package?
> I ran cmake in a dedicated build dir and then cpack. It produces an empty tar.gz archive. I must
> have missed something.

CMake uses the package_source target to create archives, as a
convenience I added the dist target to have the build behave more like

The process comes down to:

 # Create proj-datumgrid tarball & zipfile
 mkdir build
 cd build
 cmake ..
 make dist

 # Check repo status for grid changes
 git status

 # Check tarball & zipfile content
 tar tavf proj-datumgrid-1.7alpha1.tar.gz
 unzip -l proj-datumgrid-1.7alpha1.zip

 # Copy archives to elsewhere
 cp proj-datumgrid-1.7alpha1.* <elsewhere>

 # Cleanup
 cd ..
 rm -rf build

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