[Proj] Understanding deformation model usage

stevejking stevejking at talktalk.net
Tue Feb 27 02:43:09 EST 2018

I think I follow your (in development) user guide example here. Very useful

But if the velocity shifts are tied to Cartesian coordinates, surely this is
only the average velocities at the coordinate at a moment in time. There is
no parameter to specify a *grids_epoch.

Eg. What to do If my grid is Cartesian coordinates and velocities at epoch
2010.0, t_obs=2000.0 and t_epoch=2017.0?
Perhaps this is achieved by ensuring in individual steps that t_obs or
t_epoch always equals *grids_epoch ? I think that’s what your example does?

*grids_epoch is a made up function to illustrate.


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