[Proj] Transforming coordinates to Scene ENU system

Vermeer Martin martin.vermeer at aalto.fi
Thu Jan 18 04:45:39 EST 2018


Note that you need to specify *two* points to do this: both your target point, and the topocentric origin. It seems proj can do this (using both 5819 and 15594, together somehow) but I haven't tried.

But why bother? If you have the WGS84 XYZ of both points, all you need is the 3x3 rotation matrix to topocentric orientation, whic depends only on lat, lon of the topo origin. Then, multiply with the vector of differences DX, DY, DZ and you have your ENU!



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Aihe: [Proj] Transforming coordinates to Scene ENU system


I would like to transform coordinates to a ENU system, but don't know
how to do that. I found several EPSG definitions but they don't seem to
work with PROJ.

I started an issue at the pyproj page that further elaborates my


Can you tell me how to do this?

Kind regards,
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